What is BMS?

Be Music Source, or BMS for short, is a file format for rhythm games similar to Konami's beatmania. Honestly, I'll just link to this.

Oran-G - Starlight Cruising

Event: None

A pop-ish instrumental.

I did this BMS all the way back in 2014; I just never released it until now.

This has nothing to do with the Starlight Cruising alias I used for Van Luster.

OrangeRight · Starlight Cruising
7Key: 3 9 11 12
mbps - Control

Event: None

A Lo-Fi techno song, done in the style of early beatmania. I made this song specifically to be made into a BMS.

This was one of the earlier BMSes I ever created, circa around 2013. Again, I just never released it.

OrangeRight · mbps - Control
7Key: 5 8 11
Mundial Ronaldinho Soccer 64

Event: None



(Was made for a Twitter shitpost, made available by popular request.)

7Key: 5 10 12
Starlight Cruising - Van Luster

Event: PABAT 2020

I wanted to make a synthwave song, and I ended up making this song fit for an 80's magic show. Not exactly synthwave, but it will do!

This was slightly inspired by A Space Love Adventure's Power Rush.

7Key: 5 8 11 24Key: 7
First Class - fancy bus

Event: Be Music West II

Since this is Be Music West II, why not make a sort of sequel to my entry to Be Music West 1? Much like low light, this was a loop I made a while ago that I expanded into a full song.

I will warn that the Another chart's ending is rather difficult; I really should have rated it a 12 before this ended up on the internet rankings.

7Key: 4 8 11
Oran-G - Under The Stars

Event: Be Music West II

I wanted to make something akin to a credits song for a cutesy platformer.

7Key: 3 7 9 ?? 24Key: 5
First Class - low light

Event: PABAT 2019

A more laid back song than the last two First Class songs. Originally just a small loop I made, I added some organ, inspired somewhat by Fancy Jet's, and the song just built itself from there.

This is the first BMS I ever made that has a background animation, though it's barely anything more than one of those WinAmp visualizations.

7Key: 1 3 6 10 14Key: 8
Oran-G - magnetic!

Event: PABAT 2018

I tried to do something different from my last two BMSes (Insatiable Curiosity and fancy jet for last year's PABAT! and Be-Music West, respectively). I will admit I had some inspiration from Dirty Androids here.

7Key: 5 10 12
First Class - Insatible Curiosity

Event: PABAT 2017

I wanted to do something different from my Be-Music West entry, but I ran into a writer's block, so here's a plan B. This ended up being sort of a "Model FJ2"; similar to the "Deavid Soul" sound of Fancy Jet.

7Key: 5 8 11
First Class - fancy jet

Event: Be-Music West

Inspired by Deavid Soul. Didn't even have a background for this one.

7Key: 5 7 10